Acceptance Form

I,  (the candidate)
declare that the information provided above is truthful and accurate on my behalf, and hereby give TrueNorth Recruitment permission to contact me regarding all future career/occupation prospects.  I agree that the responsibility lies with me, the candidate, to ensure that I keep in contact with TrueNorth Recruitment to ensure that my personal information is up to date, relevant and accurate.  I understand and agree that TrueNorth Recruitment and its clients have the right to withdraw my application as well as any written or verbal offer made to me, should any of my information provided be found to be incorrect, untrue or inaccurate.  By providing the referees listed above, I acknowledge that they may be contacted by TrueNorth Recruitment.

Furthermore, I consent and authorise TrueNorth Recruitment to process my personal information as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act (‘POPI’) for the purposes of applying for a career/occupation position and they may submit my personal information to:
1.  Managed Integrity Evaluation (Pty) Ltd (‘MIE’) for verification purposes of my ID, criminal record,     education and credit checks;
2.  Companies that have appointed TrueNorth Recruitment to recruit candidates to fill their positions;
3.  Any other relevant parties where it may be necessary to submit my personal information for the purpose of filling a position.
4.  Any persons listed as referees in order to obtain a reference on my previous employment
5.  Companies outside the borders of South Africa for the purpose of filling a position   including those where there is no protection of personal information legislation.